Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Art Facilitation 02.9 (termination)

This is a photo taken during an adult group I ran last year.
Here people have been grouped together to share a page by
contributing  to the frame.
Communal drawings

A nice way of ending of a series of workshops or sessions is to do a communal drawing. Sometimes I get the group to do one drawing together; other times I get them to share a page.

This is my last post of this facilitation series and it is about saying good bye. The theme of the day was the ‘umbrella’ of love.  I am not going to explain how to draw umbrellas as I assume everybody knows how already. The aim of this session was about the termination of the series. I wanted to end off in a quiet manner and to remind them of the care they could ‘ask for’ in future: so I got them thinking about how, just as an umbrella protects from the sun and rain (‘storms’ of life), kind and loving adults (parents, teachers & other adults who care) can protect them from difficulties and care for them. 
They created a shared or communal drawing: part individual, part group which reminds them of their group work.

Here are two examples. As I would like their identities to remain anonymous I have had to crop the frames where the names were.

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