Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Art Facilitation 02.3

Paper bag Puppets  

As I mentioned before, I developed the themes appropriate to their reality. The general theme for this term: the roles we play and the first day’s theme: who am I the cultural context e.g. in my family and school? The age range from 8 - 12 years old.

·         To explore and appreciate their roles in the family, school and extra-murals; thus discovering more about their identity, individually and in the group.
·         Make a puppet out of recycled materials, showing who they are.
·         Through having fun, develop skill at using art materials for emotional expression, building self-esteem & self-confidence                                                        

· Discuss examples of roles – mother, father, grandparents, siblings etc., and how the different roles play out in family, school and community. They can role-play aspects of their roles within the group.
·  After the puppets are made they can also use the puppets for role play.

Recycled materials keeps the cost down and fosters creative thinking:
·         (Paper) sugar bags turned inside out,
·         glue,
·         crayons,
·         wool,
·         bottle tops,
·         buttons,
·         material,
·         feathers,
·         felt etc.

The children can do preliminary drawings to plan the puppet or they can engage in puppet making spontaneously. Basic drawing, cutting and gluing skills are needed and/or developed. Adult help is minimal. Allow the children to express their unique individuality by planning and choosing their own materials.
The face is drawn on the bottom of the paper bag, which can flap up and down when held upside-down. (See photo). The mouth is drawn over the flap so that it can be manipulated to “speak”. The rest is up to their imaginations.  

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