Monday, August 15, 2011

Everyday Opinions: my invitation to you

Photo taken by Siobhan Noffke
You can see her work here at

Everyday opinions’ will be a post about my observations, reflections and opinions. It will be on anything to do with life, human behaviour, relationships, families, self-esteem, emotional vocabulary, identifying ones need and voicing it, and motivation etc. I don’t consider myself the expert or the guru but, having lived life successfully, and studied psychology & communication, I feel I am entitled to reflect on my opinions and experience here and share them with you.  

Metamorphosis speaks of change but at the same time it also entails staying the path and persevering through the growth until change occurs. My hope is that as I write about different topics it would inspire you or be of benefit to you. This is my invitation to you: if this is the type of post you think you might like to read then look out for future posts by visiting my site again.   

A warm smile 

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