Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everyday Opinions: ups and downs of life

Photo taken by Siobhan Noffke. You can see her work here.

Swings: the ups and downs of life
I have never quite lost the enjoyment I had as a child, when playing in the park.
I still like to swing on the swings.
I also dabble in photography.
One time,
as I was swinging,
I was observing which view point
would be the best vantage for a photo: high up, then low down, high up again…close up, then far away, then close up again;
this is what I observed
as I swung. 
Then I realised that this is just like life. My life is held up by the branch which is firm and steadfast
but the cycles of ups and downs
are like the swinging
to and fro.
Some aspects are worthy of taking a photo,
others are not noteworthy, while still others are just plain ugly.
But I know,
just as the swing swings, that life will change
and become better again,
of the photo shot.
while I chatted to a friend of mine about these ups and downs of life,
I used this analogy to explain how I cope when things get tough.
Such it is:
the swings of ups and downs in life.

: ) M

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