Saturday, August 20, 2011

Everyday Opinions: sucking the nectar.

Photo taken by Siobhan Noffke. You can see her work here at

Bees suck the nectar out of flowers to make their honey. We should suck the goodness from our lives. Just as bees are helped by the worker bees to make the honey so we need to help each other turn our ‘nectar’ into ‘honey.’  Making the time and consistent effort gets us the best results. Valuing and using our talents, skills, and motivation, and being encouragement and compassionately viewed are some of the nectar ingredients for making our ‘honey’.

My honey provides me with nourishment for myself, my family, friends, work and the wider circle of people with whom I come in contact.It is also for healing and riotous joy; and the outpouring productivity and sweet enjoyment. What does your honey provide?

Just as a bee needs the rest of the colony we too need each other in order to encourage and bring the best out of each other. This interconnectivity helps us live our best lives. I want to suck the nectar and live my best life.

A warm smile,

If you want more information about bees, here are three links 1, 2, and 3.:

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