Thursday, August 18, 2011

Art Facilitation 2.06

Bee by girl aged 8 years.

Egg box animals

Finding common ground in the group. (As drawing was more anxiety provoking for this group I planned the construction for them. They all participated enthusiastically and created very individual looking bees.)

Planning and creating.

  • By using construction skills which were similar in ability bring a feeling of artistic equality within the group
  • Develop dexterity in construction.
  • Develop imagination and fantasy. 

Further construction

Activity and instructions:
Have some egg boxes prepared (cut into strips) and demonstrate: I showed them models of insects (ladybird, worm, dragonfly and bee). Encourage them to make their own creatures. It is best to construct the whole insect first and then paint as the cardboard gets soft and mushy. It becomes dissatisfying for them when their creations fall apart while under construction. Masking tape, staplers and split pins are a good option if you or the children are looking for speedy results. Once the paint is dry you can glue on the other decorations.

  • Egg boxes, 
  • boxes, 
  • split pins, 
  • masking tape, 
  • glue, stapler, 
  • pom-poms, 
  • eyes, 
  • wire, 
  • pipe cleaners,
  • beads, 
  • paint, 
  • pencils,
  • pastels. 

Bee by boy aged 12 year.

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